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Power Ranking – Final Regular Season

Ignore what you have seen the last 2 weeks out of the Jaguars. They finished the season in the top 5 in Point Differential (4th), Points Against (2nd), Points For (5th), and Margin of Victory (4th). They are first in rushing yards gained and ranked second Total Defense. I get it - we don't want

Power Ranking – Week 17

The Eagles are back on top after an important, albeit, unimpressive win.  They own home field advantage which may be the assist they need after the disappointing Wentz injury.  The Jaguars slide after what we are thinking is a good loss at the right time.  A young team like Jacksonville, may have been reading and

Power Ranking – Week 16

Change at the top.  The Jaguars take over the No. 1 spot, pushing the Eagles into the second spot.  Pay attention!  The Jaguars are built to travel and will end up in the AFC Championship game. Blake Bortles is playing much better football since Chris Simms @CSimmsQB referred to him as the 70th best QB

Power Ranking – Week 15

The Eagles to be far and away the best in the league….with Wentz.  Foles has a lot of pressure on him to deliver.  Rooting for him, but not sure this is going to work out.  If you throw out his best and worst seasons (2013 where he went 8-2 and 2012 when his record as