Goff over Brady – 2017 Playoff QB Rankings

From 1st round bust in 2016 to the top of many QB categories in 2017.  Jared Goff finishes slightly ahead of the immortal Tom Brady as this year’s leading quarterback among the playoff teams.  I ranked them all based on their percentages for TD’s, Completions, Int’s, Yards per attempt, and a number of other categories. Goff’s combined score puts him in the company of Brady and Brees while separating him significantly from the other young guns who have made the tournament.  How he handles the spotlight will be Goff’s next test.

QB Name Score Rank
Jared Goff 59 1
Tom Brady 53 2
Drew Brees 50 3
Ben Roethlisberger 45 4
Alex Smith 45 5
Matt Ryan 44 6
Case Keenum 40 7
Blake Bortles 31 8
Nick Foles 25 9
Tyrod Taylor 24 10
Marcus Mariota 21 11
Cam Newton 19 12

One thought on “Goff over Brady – 2017 Playoff QB Rankings

  • January 11, 2018 at 7:39 pm

    What’s very interesting about this list is Blake Bortles finished ahead of Cam Newton and that Cam is dead last.

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