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NFL Preseason Week 2 – Against the Spread (ATS)

Some interesting trends heading into Week 2 of the NFL Pre-Season

All of these records are against the spread AND week 2 of the Pre-Season only.

Do what you want with this information now that you can place a bet, but do so at your own RISK!  I am not responsible for your gain or loss.


Against The Spread (ATS)

  1. Winner Trends
    1. Chicago Bears 3 – 0
    2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3 – 0
    3. Houston Texans 6 – 1
    4. Philadelphia Eagles 5 – 1
    5. Seattle Seahawks 5 – 1
  2. Loser Trends
    1. Oakland Raiders 0 – 5
    2. Indianapolis Colts 0 – 3
    3. Jacksonville Jaguars 0 – 3
    4. Kansas City 1 – 14
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Brady – Brees – Cousins

Have the Vikings over paid for Kirk D. Cousins? (the D. courtesy of The Dan Patrick Show)

The chart below depicts the average of the first 3 seasons AS A STARTER for these quarterbacks that the Vikings fans wished they had, grateful that they had, and just to remind them of what’s always out there….Christian Ponder.

Kirk D. Cousins is worth the money. Some of these guys, their first 3 seasons was a while ago, but they went on to do great things.

So, Vikings fans, take Kirk D. Cousins and enjoy the ride.

I can’t help but notice – Is Russell Wilson a product of a great system and great defense? or simply that good.

Green indicates category leader, yellow, they ranked 2nd.

Stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference