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What – So What – Now What


Looking inside the Pro-Football Reference numbers from the Saints – Vikings game….The Vikings better fix some things before their NFC Championship game against the Eagles.

Stats Lie and Liars use Stats.  There is NO WAY, the Vikings should have ever been loosing this game.  The Saints finished 2 of 9 on 3rd downs? The Saints had 2 turnovers resulting in 7 points?  The Saints had 7 penalties for 97 yards!  As late as 5:33 left in the 4th quarter, the Vikings had a 92% Win probability…and still almost lost.

Finally, the other shoe dropped.  Case Keenum throws an awful interception with 1:18 left in the 3rd – the one everyone has been waiting for, right?  A huge momentum changer.   This guy is a  backup…not a championship quarterback, right?

Now What

The vaunted Mike Zimmer defense had a number of opportunities to win the game.  They did not get any pressure on Brees and gave up a 4th and 10 that would have won the game for them.  Defense does win championships – they need to fix it.

Double edged sward for the Viking offense.  You have been winning with Keenum, but not the Keenum who showed up against the Saints.  Sit him now?  Go with Bradford?  No likely, but Shurmur needs to take this week and remind Keenum of what got them here.

So What

The Miracle in Minnesota was a gift.  A well deserved gift, but a gift none the less.  The Vikings needs to get back to work and correct how they were outplayed an out coached in the second half yesterday.


Interesting info from  Pro-Football Reference

1/14/2018 New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings box score at